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Prayer: Heavenly Father, Keep My Heart Fixated On The End Goal Of Making Heaven

"This also means that terrible times are coming in the end days". 1 Timothy 3:2

Read: Luke 21: 32-36

Our God is a God who has a plan and a reason for everything he does. Man's creation had a beginning (Genesis 1: 26-28), and his existence on Earth will inevitably come to an end. We must not be blind to the end-times. The end of the world did not begin in 1975, nor did it end in 1975, as certain heretical instructors and false witnesses erroneously claim. The end-time is also not an allegory employed in the Bible to indicate when things aren't going well for a person. The Bible describes the end-time as the period of time leading up to Jesus Christ's return. We must not be tricked, and we must not allow others to deceive us. Matthew 24:4 advises us against doing so:

"And Jesus replied, saying to them, Take heed that no one deceive you."

We have arrived at the end of the world. We can claim that we have reached a critical point in human history based on recent historic events in the Middle East and critical parallels with prophetic utterances made by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, as well as prophecies of other prophets in scriptures. A good Bible student can confidently say that current world events point to one thing: "The advent of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, is at hand," after meticulously studying the scriptures.

It is true that no one knows when Christ will return (Matthew 24: 36), so attempting to calculate the year, day, or time when Christ will return is unscriptural. At the same time, we shouldn't ignore warnings of impending doom ( Matthew 16 : 3 ). The current state of greed and lust in human hearts, as well as financial, economic, and industrial concerns, as well as the spirit of selfishness that pervades humanity, all lead to a near-term conclusion ( 2 Timothy 3 : 2 - 4 ).

Many other end-time signs are listed in the Bible, including mass suffering and destruction (Matthew 24: 7–9), a decline in morals and issues of mass corruption (Matthew 24: 12), mind control and excessive standardization of thought and behavior (2 Thessalonians 2: 11–12), and the return of the Jews from captivity. We are in the end-times since history shows that the aforementioned indicators were only fulfilled in the twentieth century.

In this end-time, if there is a time to be vigilant and stand firm as Christians, it is now. As a result, an end-time Christian is one who is willing to live and die for Christ and the spread of His kingdom. Such a person believes Jesus Christ is Lord and is committed to aggressive ministration against evil (Matthew 11: 12), the ministration of God's wisdom and understanding (Proverbs 4: 5), and the ministration of worship, holiness, love, and joy in the Holy Spirit ( Romans 14 : 17 - 18 ). Are you a believer in the Rapture?

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