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Ancestors they are the only one who can guide

I am a child of ancestors, the great animals of spiritual kingdom. My ancestors have always spoken to me in the form of snakes, I grew up dreaming and seeing snakes. These are some of the snakes I used to dream when growing up even though it took me long time to understand their meanings. My aim is to make you understand your journey.

1. White snake

It's the purity of your gift, dreaming white snake doesn't necessarily mean rushing to pray at the river.

you must be patient with yourself because spiritual gifts are unique.your ancestors needs to guide you where you can go and get connected to our ancestors to strengthen your gift. The whiter the snake the purer your gift.

2. Red snake - healers

It is your blood ancestors, they command protectors in your journey.

3. Blue snake

It also represent the purity of your gift and the type of gift you have, it is connected to your prophetic gifts ( air/heaven spirits)

4. Black snake

Pure foreign spirit, time for initiation, can't run away from your calling.

5. Yellow snake

Inzunza, feminine spirit, it represents those who live deep under water. Very tough yet kind spirit, you pray thru flowing rivers and oceans and waterfalls.

6. Gold snake

Foreign spirit kingship, fierce and powerful

7. Multicoloured snake 

Any mixer of colours, Royal spirit, associated with kings and rain queens.

Remember it is only your ancestors that can tell you whether you need to be initiated by someone else or only by them. And they are the only ones that can tell you if your time is up or not. Do not rush into anything, until your ancestors say otherwise.

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