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See recent pictures on the pastor that burnt bibles in his church some years ago

An Ugandan pastor has reportedly asked his followers to gather their bibles together and set them ablaze.

According to reports, Aloysius Bugingo, who is the Head Pastor of House of Prayer Ministries, Kampala, Uganda ordered the members of his congregation to gather hundreds of Bibles together and set them on fire.

He said some of the lines that have been tampered with in the translations were those which talk about fasting and the Lent period. He also claimed the King James Bible version contained the word ‘Holy Ghost’ more times than it did the word ‘Holy Spirit’.

After a lot of reactions from people due to what he did, Pastor Bugingo explained that he realised that the Bibles that people thinks it contains the world of Holy Ghost, is a term for devil worshipers and this made him to set them on fire. The issue caused a lot of reactions from people to the extent that Pastor Bugingo was charged to court by his fellow Christians for what he did. They said if he find that the Bible is tempered with, he must return it to the seller and not burn them.

It is 3 years already that this incident has happened, after too much of challenges for what he did, Pastor Bugingo is still enjoying his life. His life is still perfectly fine, According to what I read, he bagged a Bachelor's degree last year 2019 and a lot of people came to celebrate with him on his graduation day.his congregation fully surports everything he does.

He bought a brand new Range Rover for his girlfriend identified as Susan Makuta about some months ago, after he has divorced his wife Teddy Naluswa after years of marriage.

Down here are recent pictures of of the pastor and his girlfriend in their brand new car and his graduation day


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