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The only African man that helped Jesus Christ — (See what he did, his name and where his from)

After being beaten and tortured by the Romans, Jesus was forced to carry His cross to the place where He would be killed. At first, Jesus took up His own cross and carried it around with Him (John 19:17). However, Jesus soon became unable to bear the weight of His cross, most likely as a result of the enormous pain and anguish He had already endured. So, the Romans compelled another man to help Jesus bear his cross.

According to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, Simon of Cyrene was the man who helped Jesus carry the cross (Matthew 27:32; Mark 15:21; Luke 23:26). In ancient times, Cyrene was a Libyan city. Many historic depictions of Simon have him as an African-American black man due to its geographic location. Although it's possible Simon was black, the Bible makes no mention of this. An important intellectual and medical center in Greece, Cyrene was a Greek colony In addition, the city had a considerable Jewish population and a large number of Jewish proselytizers (see Acts 2:10).

According to Mark and Luke, Simon "was on his way in from the country" and was the father of Alexander and Rufus. Alexander and Rufus had to have been familiar to the readers of Mark's gospel. Three passages from the Synoptic Gospels are the only place that Simon of Cyrene is mentioned by name.

According to mythology, Simon of Cyrene finally converted to Christianity and rose to prominence as a leader in the early church after his death. According to some, Rufus named in Romans 16:13 and in Mark 15:21 are the same person. Simon and his family may have exerted a significant influence on early Christianity, if this is true. The Bible, on the other hand, fails to connect the two Rufuses.

He helped Jesus carry his cross, Simon of Cyrene. Consequently, he is "immortalized" in the pages of scripture. Hopefully, Simon of Cyrene came to faith in Christ as his Savior after witnessing directly the suffering and death that Jesus underwent on our behalf. Although Simon carried the cross for part of the way to Golgotha, Jesus took on Simon's sin in his place (1 John 2:2).


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