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Was she sent to tempt the congregants? -Photo of Pastor's indecent dressing in Church

Normally, we all are expected to dress decently; Decent dressing means one is dressed according to the function, culture or beliefs (non- revealing dress). Proper does not necessarily mean decent. It means being dressed according to the surroundings or occasion... Decent dressing means one is dressed according to the function, culture or beliefs (non- revealing dress).

If you want to set a good example for others, perform your work exceptionally well, especially when it comes to wearing appropriately; modest apparel with no breast showing; excellent, presentable clothing with no rips or stains. To be completely honest, any woman should dress in this manner—not only the wife of a pastor. The bottom issue is that the Bible does not provide a precise definition of "modesty." Dress in the manner in which you would like other ladies to dress in front of your spouse.

The image above has sparked debate on social media; although the majority of people believe it is inappropriate for a lady of God to dress in this manner, a few believe there is nothing wrong with the attire.

Meet Shantelle Jepchumba, a pregnant female pastoress who serves as the head of Glorious Heaven Ministries in Kenya, especially Kimwarer. She is dressed in a long black dress with a split in the front that exposes her thigh while she ministers the word of God to her congregation.

The pregnant pastoress has received several barbs from social media users, with some claiming that her attire might lead to moral attrition among the congregation. Others think that her attire is a kind of sexual harassment toward her congregation.

The pastor, in my opinion, should have dressed in a more appropriate manner, given that she serves as a role model for the body of Christ and for society as a whole.

Can a female preacher dress in this manner without being ostracized? You can also communicate with us about your ideas.

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