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Do Not Lose Hope Because Of Delayed But Not Withheld Prayers

What was Daniel's position before God gave him thìs vision (Daniel 10:1-6)? He was mourning for 3 weeks, fasting and praying, what is your mood in the christiandom today? Do you mourn seeing the corruption and growth of sin around you? Do you fast and pray and weep before God? God will continue to reveal things to those who seek Him and those who will make use of the visions they received.

Daniel have been tested by God and found faithful to handle visions revealed to him hence God gave him another vision in the midst of many people. What he saw, the fearfuls with him and those terrified who ran away (verse 7) did not see it. God cannot hand over serious matter to the fearful. He wants those who are strong willed to stand the test of time.

No wonder, He told Joshua to be strong and courageous and avoid fear. Anyone working with God must be strong in the spirit and trust God no matter the raging fire or the barking of lions. He must believe that God is well able to deliver those who trust in him. The knowledge of the strength of God and His infinite authority over all creation will make us to have absolute confidence in Him.

Indeed, God answers prayers, but satan delays answer to our prayers as was the case with Daniel (12-13). Do not bother so much, God has heard your prayers and He must surely send His Angel to bring answer to your prayers. Besides, we have Jesus Christ who is sitted at the right hand of power, more powerful than satan or any Angel whose voice and authority no demon can resist.

May the Lord touch you as he touched Daniel in the Bible as well as to surprise you with divine favour, blessings and grace.

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