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"You Shall Die Without A Husband – Pastor Cursed A Lady For Refusing To Give Her Phone Number To Him

"You Shall Die Without A Husband – Pastor Cursed A Lady For Refusing To Give Her Phone Number To Him (Photoa)

SourcreOghenetejiri Charity Facebook page

By the power and power put resources into me by God as an over man the world and has domain over the earth, you will kick the bucket without a spouse.Wonders shall never ends Mzansi ’s is left speechless after seeing a screenshots of a lady by the name of Oghenetejiri Charity who took it to Facebook, took to share screenshots of her chat she had with a her pastor popularly known as Emiaso Oke Emir. Mzansi could not help buy to wonder what kind 8f pastor is he after he cursed her for refusing to give him phone number which he had asked for.

The minister said as uncovered in the visits. He additionally went further to cursed her folks and ages. What he did is wrong and it cannot be tolerated. This is the kind of posts we don't like on our society. All this pastors in colored suits, we fear

them a lots because of what people Fear them. People are no longer scared of showing their emotion. I don't support what the above man of God (in quote) did but looking at the chat I think the full story is not told Sha. I Sha like the pastor shoes. All this kind prayer no dey work for people like Even if the man did not ask for her number, is it right for a man of God to curse like this. You are saying the Truth no evidence, both of them have something in common don't mind them.

Thy know their self, if your are telling is just number that the person is vomiting the course no way unless you are telling me the man is insane. No way that lady might have done something else before using number to put in from. If really is in Court the George should investigate very well, sorry I may hurt any one for what i said is just my opinion.

What is your take in this matter? What do you think about this pastors? Do you trust the pastor or the lady.

Let's share some thoughts. And don't forget to like comment and share your views.

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