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Husband and wife relationship

Pastor's Wife Jadaamor reveled Why She Dresses like a model despite Being Married To A pastor.

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Being the wife of a pastor comes with a lot of responsibilities, and although though she isn't the pastor, she is treated with the same respect as the pastor and is looked up to by church members and the general public. 

After falling in love, Jadaamor met and married a pastor. Despite the fact that she is married to a priest, she continues to post images on her Instagram account that show parts of her body that are not meant to be seen. 

A number of people commented on her photo, advising her that she shouldn't wear that way since she is a Christian. She did, however, explain to them that she is new to the church and is learning how to dress modestly. 

Take a look at the image she's posted. 

Her answer to her critics. 

Check out some of her photos. 

Is this, however, appropriate for a Christian lady who is also the wife of a pastor? 

She is a devout follower of her religion and provides online bible classes to women who are involved. 

Take a peek at some of the memories she and her husband have shared.

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