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Opinion: How to calm spirits or spiritual spouse down with native egg 💦

 How to calm spirits or spiritual spouse down with NATIVE EGG 💦


 Get 1 native egg ( you can apply red oil if u are cleansing negative energies)...

  Remove any chain both ring and earing, remove your slippers and connect to Land.

Raise the egg up to the Sky and call upon all your spirit guide, all the spirits tormenting you, beg them forgiveness and calmness into your life, pray to them to calm down and open way for you so that you can settle them.🔥

After your prayers, Go to three junctions road and bread the egg, turn immediately and go to your house don't look back till you get home. 🙏🙌

When u get home, add little salt in a bathing water and declare that you are washing away your problem.

You will hear your Ancestors say do this and your life will never be the same again...... Indeed it will never be the same again and it will change for the better!

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