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"Hi, I'm pastor Veevian, what about you?". Is she really a woman of God?

When it comes to religious beliefs and practices we don't always get to see a lot of women go on to become high priests or pastors although they are more than capable of doing it. Well, over time this too will change as we are entering a new world where men and women will have equal opportunities as men do.

Well, it seems that has begun, as a young woman posted two images of herself and the title of the post was the surprising part for most of us. The title reads " Hi, I'm pastor Veevian, what about you", it turns out that the lady is a pastor.

A lot of people were shocked to find that she is a pastor, and I think it is because when you look at her, you wouldn't think that she's a pastor as she looks way too young to be a pastor.

The comments on the post were filled with people who were surprised to know that she's a pastor. One Twitter user even asked where her church is and she responded by saying "Believers love the world", which I believe could be the name of her church.

Some people mocked her because she wore pants in the images, as there is the popular belief, that women of God aren't supposed to wear pants, well, that has long changed as there are some churches where women are allowed to wear pants, they are allowed to wear what they want as long as they respect their church.

Well, this young lady is proof that a lot of women are starting to break boundaries and they are becoming what they want to become. Back then women wouldn't be allowed to become pilots or even a pastor, well today it seems she's done it and has fulfilled her dreams.

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