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We Need To Know That The Lord Is Never Late

"Then said Martha unto Jesus, Lord, if thou hadist been here, my brother had not died (Jn. 11:21)

Jesus was a friend of Lazarus, Mary and Martha. The Bible was silent about their parents. Probably they were orphans. When Lazarus took ill and his friend Jesus was notified about his ill-health, He left the place He was and went to another place and stayed for about four days. On hearing that Lazarus was dead, He told His disciples, our friend Lazarus is asleep (dead) let's go and raise him up.

Our God is never late. He comes at the very niche of time. He always comes at the verge of our breakdown. The questions may be, why would Jesus allow Lazarus to die before showing up? Why didn't He heal him instead of raising him from the dead? Couldn't He just speak a word without having to visit and Lazarus would be healed?

Sometimes, God allows our Lazarus to die instead of healing him or her. Sometimes He allows our Lazarus to die and yet He will not attend his or her funeral service in order that He can perform a miracle of resurrection. Sometimes we desire healing, but for Him, healing would not have as much impact as raising the dead. He could have cancelled that allegations and conspiracies before they could be carried out against you However, He loves coming around when no man would share in His glory.

He comes when all hope is gone so that no man would glory in His presence. He wants to use that ugly situation in your life to reveal His unlimited powers. He is impossibility specialist. If He had come to your rescue earlier, it won't be great news. He shows up when there is no hope at all. He shows up when men say there is a casting down, so that He can say there is a lifting up. "Then came Jesus to turn around a fore concluded shame from the pits of hell to His own glory. Your God is never late. Trust in His judgment!

CONTROLLING THOUGHT: When men say there is a casting down, heaven says there is a lifting up

PRAYER Lord, help me to always know that you are never late Amen.

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