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What Was It That Hannah Was Praying For?

On 1 Samuel 1 (KJV) there was a man by the name of Elkanah, and Elkanah was married to two wives Penninah and Hannah, because Elkanah loved Hannah very much, then the Lord God closed up the womb of Hannah.

Hannah's story reminds me of Rachel the woman who was married to Jacob, and Jacob also had another wife by the name of Leah. Jacob loved Rachel with all his heart, and it was well known by the other wife, and also the Lord God closed up the womb of the loved wife.

Back to the loved wife Hannah who was barren, she was mocked and scorned by the other wife to tears. Penninah the second wife she was very happy, that Hannah was barren and the Lord God has closed up her womb, but one day Penninah mocked Hannah to a point she refused to eat.

Elkanah his husband came and asked her, why was she so sorrowful, but Hannah did not give her husband an answer, but she continued not eating. Hannah decided to go and worship the Lord God, and she wept bitterly, and prayed to the Almighty God asking for a male child, during her prayers she vowed a vow, that if God would give her the male child, she will give him unto the Lord God.

Hannah continued praying until the chief priest entered, and the priest looking at Hannah, he thought Hannah was drunk, so he said to her, woman you should stop with you drunkenness.

Hannah looked at him and said, my lord, I am not drunk but only poured my heart to the Almighty God, the Chief priest told her, let the Lord do to you as you requested, and Hannah stood up and left. After some time Elkanah knew his wife Hannah, and she conceived, and gave birth to a child whom she named Samuel, because she asked him of the Lord.

She then took the baby to the church, and made sacrifices as required, and she did something I doubt most woman will do. She gave the child to the chief priest and she said, for this child I prayed, and the Lord God gave me my petition which I asked of him; therefore I lent him this child, and as long as he lives he shall be lent to the Lord.

Remember Hannah was barren and she prayed to the Lord God for a child, and God gives her the child she requested, but Hannah gives the child to the church to be raised by the priest, so what was it that Hannah prayed for?

If the prayer was not about the child?

Then what was it she was praying for?

What do you think?

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Lord Jesus Christ is God


Content created and supplied by: Tumelo Baokudi (via Opera News )

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