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Faith planted bad ideas in Isaac's head if the truth comes out in HOZ

Faith waked up and went to check on Nkosi downstairs in the lounge. She found him with his sister chatting about life. Faith joined them and she asked her son about the dreams and nightmares but Nkosi told her nothing much to I will wait the therapist to carry on with her work tomorrow.

The doctor is coming to hypnosis me so hope all will be clear. When they finished eating she went upstairs and find her husband lightning the incense talking with his ascenstors to give him direction of finding that his daughter is still alive. Faith immediately closed the door and eavesdroped what Funani was asking from his ascenstors.

She heard all she called Isaac was sothat they can meet urgently. When she met him she told him that witch doctor is coming tomorrow to hypnosised Nkosi again,so we must do something fast. Isaac said I don't do those things anymore. Remember Isaac was hardcore criminal but he changed. Faith said let me remind you and make it clear do you want to go to jail if Nkosi remembered your face.

Issac you want to be jailed for years, and be separated with your family. Faith gave Isaac the card that contains all the information of the therapist and the name. When he went home he was clear what he want to do to the therapist. He took his gun and sneak out to finish the job. Remember it was at night her family were already sleeping.

When the doctor had driving to Funani's house to help her son Isaac appointed her with the gun, to prevent Nkosi from remembering him and the things he saw on the day the house burnt down. At the other hand Funani was pleading to ascenstors to help Nkosi to remember everything. Let's hope Isaac will never do something that will put his integrity at risk.

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