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The 2 most powerful Angels of God. How to get them as your guardian angels?

God created several billions of angelic beings to serve diverse roles in the universe. These supernatural entities have varying degrees of authority based on their ranks. Certain individuals are more assertive and polished in their uniqueness than others.

Seraphim are God's highest-ranking angels. Six supersonic wings with a total area of more than fifty meters are equipped with these senior angels. The Seraphim carry God's light and dwell in His presence from eternity to eternity. Indeed, God has enshrined fire coals in their palms as authority symbols. When they touch your lips with the hot coals, your mouth will be imbued with the power to cast out devils and accomplish incredible wonders on Earth. Due to their constant presence in God's presence, these angels are very holy.

The Cherubim are the second highest tier of angels. These angels have identical faces and four enormous wings. They possess an unstoppable flaming sword capable of moving in any direction in order to carry out their directives. Cherubims, too, possess coals of fire. God sent cherubs armed with flaming swords to guard the path to the Garden of Eden's tree of life. Lucifer was a cherub prior to his fall, but Michael tore off his left wings during the Heavenly war.

These are the two most powerful angelic ranks revealed to us through scripture. Others may exist that God has withheld from humanity because they are His secrets.

How to appoint one of these angels as your personal guardian angel.

If you wish to have one of these angels as your protecting angel, I can guarantee you that it is possible, but will require some effort. Additionally, you must raise your spiritual level.

These four steps may persuade God to send one of the innumerable Seraphims or Cherubims to safeguard and guard your life or to lead your Earth mission.

(1) Develop the ability to fast and pray.

Regular fasting and prayer will transform your inner man. God will take note of your fasting and prayerfulness from Heaven. The more you fast, the greater anointing you will receive from Heaven. A Seraphim or Cherub will brush your lips with hot embers of fire to empower you in your prayer life.

(2) Demonstrate holiness.

Discover how to live a holy life. At all costs, avoid sin. Avoid anything that appears to be malicious. Preserve a sanitary atmosphere. Avoid committing a concealed sin.

(2) Pursue holiness.

Increase your time spent reading the Bible and learning about God. Make the written word a part of your daily routine. Don't limit your Bible reading to Sundays when the church is in session.

If you wish for these angels to serve as your guardian angels, you should have an ability to entertain strangers. Be hospitable. You may end up doing something nice for an angel, who will inform God.

If you diligently follow these recommendations, God may send you a powerful angel to serve you on Earth.

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