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What A Pastor Was Caught Doing That Has Left Christians Talking. See Photos.

Pastors and men of God are always held in high regard by the general public, with the idea that they have been ordained and selected by God to serve Him and be righteous.

Pastors should always live a Christ-like life, according to this. A life free of sin and modeled after them as faithful servants of God. Because Christians think that anything they deliver is straight from God, this is the case.

However, this has not been the case recently, as pastors and other servants of God have been accused of engaging in a variety of heinous activities. Many individuals believe that the world is coming to an end as a result of this issue. All of these are considered to have been written in the bible by Christians.

In a recent case witnessed in Bungoma, a well-known pastor who claimed to have stated his intention to remain unmarried in order to have more time to preach the Gospel was caught red-handed by a herdsman who happened to be one of his church members.

The preacher and the self-proclaimed holy man of God were discovered kneeling in front of a young girl in the forest, which piqued the herdsman's interest, and he went ahead and took their pictures.

Later, the herdsman went so far as to email the two's images to practically every church member with whom he came into contact, including the pastor's parents.

What awaits the pastor is still a mystery, which is why I urge you to follow us so that we can be the first to learn what transpired following the incident.

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