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Helping your Ancestral Gift Grow.

For those who have reached this stage of dreaming, you dream a lot, you dream about ancestral cloths as well as ancestral beads. You should know that you aren't being shown these things for the sake of it, it's part of your journey. 

I would also advise you to also have a journal where you write every dream you have, each dream you are having is part of a puzzle and one day you will put all the pieces together.

Purchase that cloth they showed you and that doek, get the bell and the whistles you love so much, that walking stick your kehla shows you in your dreams, get it for him. You aren't imaging these things, I know it feels like it. This is when you need to trust your instincts.

Work on acquiring the simpler things first, and present them emsamo and then cleanse and wear/use these items when the need arises or when instructed by them. You could even go to the extent of making the beadwork yourself during weekends if you are employed.

Make an effort to purchase candles for your prayer and phahla sessions. If you have been shown certain color candles to use then great, if not you could never go wrong with the white candle. Use only a white candle until you are shown other color candles by your ancestors or until you understand why you have to use other colored candles, you probably have been advised through a consultation.

Make it a habit to consult with a healer regarding things you don't understand. Some might be lucky enough to be sent a spiritual advisor at an early stage who will be there to assist you with things you don't understand, sometimes it might be dream interpretations or whatever reason you might need one for.

Also very important, when accepting your calling, you need to make sure you learn the art of forgiving. Easier read than done I know, but you need to learn to forgive people who've never said sorry or even worse those that don't even deserve our forgiveness. In this journey, you will learn to even pray/heal your enemies or people who did you wrong.

There are a few things that you can do to grow yourself and in turn your ancestors. The effort you put into their work is translated as energy to them. Ancestors are receptive to energy - it feeds them. 

They will then be able to grow and in turn impart their energy back onto you and guide, teach and light up your path even more. It's a cycle of energy exchange, 50/50. Build the relationship, grow yourself. 

This period of awakening, especially at home, may leave you vulnerable to spiritual attacks either from negative entities and in some cases members of your family or the community. It is also a very lonely ride. With or without the support of family or friends, keep at it - you are healing yourself.

Do not let this discourage you from your road. It is not easy. These experiences help you grow and develop spiritual strength. You will be alone most of the time and nobody is going to be your savior, learn to trust your journey and your ancestors.

The calling is yours. Your ancestors are yours. Your healing, to a certain degree, is, therefore, yours before it is anyone else's. Thobela.

Photo cred @sanelematsolo.

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