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Why Jesus Did Not Pray For Judas and Why Every Christian Should Beware

Every Christian should learn from the story of Jesus and Judas and do everything possible to avoid the situation of Judas Iscariot. To believe that Judas was a powerful figure in Jesus' ministry, it shows how much the other apostles trusted him. Although Matthew was one of the twelve apostles, Judas was the man in charge of the finances of the ministry. So, what happened to make him betray Jesus for money that led to his suicide? Why did Jesus, after he rejected him, not pray for him as he prayed for Peter?

Even if Judas was a disciple of Jesus, a close look at his life reveals he wasn't an honest man from the beginning. When Mary anointed Jesus in John 12:5-6 with a costly ointment, Judas took offense. He wondered why Jesus was so costly to sell an ointment and the proceeds were supplied to the poor. According to the scriptures, Judas made the comment not because of his caring for the needy, but because he was a robber of money. In other words, the money should instead have gone to him. Nevertheless, Jesus allowed himself to remain responsible for the finance of the ministry.

Judas was one of the disciples of Jesus who had been sent to preach the gospel. They can also heal the sick, cast out devils and even raise the dead as long as they are. Even if a christian minister lives in sin, God allows them to continue to minister and perform wonderful miracles by giving them plenty of time to repent. God is patient and does not immediately punish people who sin and give them a false sense of protection. Ecclesiastes 8:11 states that men's hearts are ready to do evil because the sentence for an evil act cannot quickly come.

Would you like more to work for God or obey Him in living a righteous Christian life? Do you want God not only to forgive you but also to win you over certain sins when you know that you are fighting with them? Judas Iscariot must have known he was a greedy man, who did anything for money, but he decided to ignore it. After all, what could be better than to serve with Jesus? It was unavoidable that someone close to Jesus betrayed Him, but Judas wasn't. Satan is still looking to trick people, and Judas has been an easy goal.

According to Mark 14:10-11 Judas went to the high priest to inform them that he was willing to betray Jesus. By agreeing to give him money, they expressed their gratitude. It should be noted that Judas had never come to Judas, the high priest and his associates. He was the one who did that, then. According to the scriptures, Judas began to seek a way to deceive Jesus from then on. From this we can see that Judas' decision in Gethsemane to betray Jesus was not made at once. He had been preparing it long before the right moment came. At this stage, Satan had totally taken over him, and there was no turning back. Nobody knows all men better than Jesus, who called the Son of Perdition of Judas. He knew that Judas was beyond salvation. His nature was the nature of Satan, and from the abundance of our souls we all speak and act. Jesus recognizes those who truly love Him and can help them to get back on their feet. He did it for the sake of Peter.

However, Jesus causes people like Judas to carry the brunt of their deeds, who pursue Him for personal gain when he draws evil. It should be noted that Jesus did not pray with Judas present in his last night on earth for His followers in the Upper Room. After Judas went to betray Him, Jesus and all those who had come to Him in ages began to pray for them and for Him. God claims that He loves to be disciplined. As David said in Psalm 139:23, "Lord, seek my heart and understand my thoughts," ask God for your weaknesses. Try me and learn my ways. Try me. Don't become obsessed by working for God even if you have evil in your bones. May He reveal your true self to you and grant you the grace to live to serve Him, to recognize your service to Him.

Remain blessed in the name of Jesus.

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