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Photos Of The Church Made Of Human Bones

The Church of Bones, often referred to as the Seldec Ossuary Chapel, may be found in the country of the Czech Republic. Over forty thousand human skeletons are employed in the church's construction, and they are also used as embellishments.

Where did this church come from and what is its history? People who lived in this region wanted to be laid to rest at a spot where they thought there could have been some precious soil many years ago. Due to the fact that they regarded the church as a particularly holy location, they decided that it would be the ideal location for a cemetery. They eventually ran out of room to bury any further believers as time went on.

They came to the conclusion that the remains of long-dead people should be dug out and arranged. In the year 1870, a man named Frantisek Rint, who was skilled in woodcarving, came up with the idea to adorn the cathedral with the bones.

The most interesting aspect of this church is the fact that it has a Shrine of Jesus, in which visitors are invited to throw a coin and make a wish. I have a question for you, dear reader: If you had the opportunity, would you go to this location?



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