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How I dropped Islam for Christianity after my encounter with Christ — Fulani herdsman

How my encounter with Christ led me to abandon Islam in favor of Christianity — a Fulani herder

Haruna Sori Shuaibu is an Adamawa State evangelist. He's from the Fulani tribe.

After reading a pamphlet handed to him by a missionary, he became a Christian in 1999.

As a missionary with Burning Bush Ministry, Shuaibu currently preaches largely to Fulani people.

He speaks with Church Times Nigeria about his experience at the 2021 Conference on Practical Evangelism in Offa, Kwara State.

How Jesus arrested me

"Concerned about the difficulties I stated previously, I grew quite upset. That was in the year 1998. That prompted me to begin praying and asking God to lead me in the right direction. I told God that if I didn't want to die, he should tell me the truth. During this time of upheaval, I met a missionary who gave me a tract. On June 13, 1999, that happened.

"The marvel about this tract was that I had never spoken or read English as fluently as I did at the time. However, when the man handed me the tract, I discovered that I could read every sentence. The tract was quite helpful to me. The sinner's prayer was hidden under the tract. The prayer was said by me. I felt so light and free after praying. It felt as if someone had just lifted a big burden from my shoulders."

Persecution is a word that has a lot of different meanings "My family quickly realized something was wrong with me because the change was so severe. They realized I had become a Christian very quickly. For me, that was the start of a period of intense persecution. I was on the verge of dying. My brothers were more hostile toward me than my parents." They gave me time to return to Islam first. When they saw I was not returning to Islam, they did everything they could to annoy me, including attempting to kill me. "What the Holy Spirit said to me when I dedicated my heart to Jesus" "When I gave my heart to Jesus, the Holy Spirit told me three things. He urged, "First and foremost, read your Bible," "Second, read your Bible," and "Third, read your Bible." He told me that he will meet with me and offer me direction and insight when reading the Bible "he stated


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