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Pope John XII was beaten to death for sleeping with a Man's wife? See what you do not know about him

Pope John XII was beaten to death because he had an affair with a man's wife, right? Take a look at what you don't already know about him.

How Pope John XII was allegedly beaten to death because he had slept with another man's wife is detailed in this article.

Papal vices ranged from gambling to thievery to sexual immorality, and they were all present when he died in the year 1580. A husband who discovered the pope having an affair with his wife is believed to have battered him to death with a baseball bat. Corbis.

The eighteen-year-old pope whose binge drinking, gambling, incestuous relationships, and killings marked the lowest point in the papacy's two-thousand-year history.

According to French historian and pamphleteer Louis Marie DeCormenin, Pope John XII, who reigned as Supreme Pontiff and ruler of the Papal States from 955 to 964 and is widely regarded as one of, if not the, worst popes in history, was "one of, if not the, worst pope in history."

Pope John XII was the only Pope in history to be beaten to death by a jealous husband for having an affair with his wife, and he was the first. As well as converting the papal palace into a brothel and sleeping with his niece, he was accused of drinking wine and toasting the devil, ordaining a 10-year-old boy, and squandering papal funds to settle gambling debts.

According to Liudprand of Cremona, John died whilst enjoying an adulterous sexual encounter outside Rome, either as the result of apoplexy, or at the hands of an outraged husband.


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