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The Holy Spirit is a Female?

The Holy Spirit is a female?

Christian author Bill Mounce expressed concern about what he calls bad exegesis that suggests that the Holy Spirit is a she. That is an interesting topic for many Christians; is the Holy Spirit she or he?

Although it does not matter neither does it diminish the person of the Holy Spirit, yet there is serious controversy surrounding the gender of the Holy Spirit among believers all over the world.

Some people based their argument on the Hebrew word for spirit or breath (ruach) which is feminine. There is also the part of Proverbs of Solomon in the Bible where Wisdom is depicted as female, and the Spirit is shown to give wisdom as well.

However, this is not so much a gender identity thing as humans understand it, but God, being One, most people relates to male and female being one in marriage and tend to see things from the binary point of male and female.

Others, however, argue that considering the Holy Spirit as feminine stems from a misunderstanding of the Hebrew word Rucah which means Spirit or wind, but the Hebrew gives an idea of a female word. We also have Ruach Hakodesh meaning the Spirit of God or the wind of God indicating that the use of Ruach for the Spirit does not indicate gender type or femininity in particular.

Another school of thought suggests that God is wholly other and does not exist in the same form as we do, with the exception of Jesus as God in human form and Jesus refers to the Father. Therefore, the idea of gender identity does not exist with divine beings such as angels and the person of the Godhead.

Yet, there are those who maintain the Holy Spirit is a he, given that the Scripture gives the attributes of the Spirit defining him as a person. For instance, in New King James Version has statement like; "The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God."

Other argument points to the New Age infiltration of Christendom and watering down of sound gospel with their view of God. This might have been responsible for the gender identity being attached to the Holy Spirit.

Particularly, there is reference to a "Christian feminist movement called "the SACRED feminine", which is largely rooted in the embracing by Postmodern churches of the Roman Catholic Church and mysticism, books such as The Shack, 1000 Gifts) as well as movies elevating Roman Catholic Mary (Passion of the Christ, Roma Downey's TV series').

The heart of the matter is that the Godhead consisting of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and divine beings and cannot be identified like we do of human beings.

Besides, the concepts of sonship and fatherhood are quite deeper than the earthly understanding of it. It suffices to say that the ‘he’ description of the Holy Spirit in the bible is definitely not the ‘he’ as human beings know and use it in earthly realm. 


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