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"Don't pray, The power lies on this" - The well known young prophet drops another revelation

Many people believe that in order to get something then need to pray to God and ask through a prayer for God blessings and to get whatever they want including burden release. Particularly Christians believe in prayer and God as their response for their petitions. On top of that everyone in South Africa is entitled to his or her own religion he or she feels comfortable in.

Due to the fact that people had ideas and affiliated to different religions which they believed in, Lihle Rhadebe who is famously known as the famous prophets on social media also has his thoughts when it comes to praying. According to the self-proclaimed prophet, there is no need to pray. The prophet went further on stating that the power is in your thoughts and you should make it happen. The prophet continued saying that he is teaching people not to depend on anyone. According to the prophet depiction, you a powerful yourself and everyone. Lihle continued by saying that when you are conscious of your strength no one can play you in this world including the famed prophet himself.

The extended explanation from the famed prophet comes after a follower revealed on his Twitter account replying to him that he landed a job interview after commenting with his or her selfie for blessing. The follower was searching for prayer in order to acquire a job. However after the famous prophets noticed the message, he instantly commented assisting the person who posted with his opinions on prayer.

According to your thoughts and understanding do you agree with the great prophet? Drop your thoughts below and do follow us for more updates.

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