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Bad Omens believed to Show That Death is close To You

There are lot of spiritual signals in our daily lives. Spiritual world maybe trying to signal us of the things that will happen in the future whether they are bad or good, they will try to communicate with us.

See below the list of things that signal bad oman.

The black butterfly

Black butterfly are all over the world. They are believed to be the oman of death. When there's a sick person in the house and it enters, that person might be dying soon.

Three knocks

If you have recently heard three knocks at the door and when you open there's no one it's a sign that death has just knocked. It is a very low volume of sound but you will hear the knock. It might be at the door or near the wall of the person who is about to die.


Owl is the most popular omen of death when you see one. Especially when you see it at midday and when you ask someone if they saw it and they say now then the signal is yours alone that you are going to die. If seen by several people then someone in the area is going to die. If the owl is heard Howling at night it signals death only when heard several days or weeks.

Broken glasses or dishes

When it's quiet and no movement like earthquake happening, then all of a sudden plates and glasses fall all the way from the table or rack it signals death in the house.


It may be a clock and a wrist watch, as long as one of them fall and break it means death is near. If one of the clocks stops working or breaks the arrows, death is near. These event happens when no one is touching. The wrist watch will just slips in your hand.

Robin the bird

When the Robin enters the house it is said to be a sign if death.

Fallen picture

When the photo on the fall falls without reasons it foretells death is coming.

Dog howl

When a dog howl at night none stop and for several days or weeks it signals death is near. Source:

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