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Religious History: See The 1500- Year- Old Bible That Stated That Jesus Was Never Crucified

Many of Christianity's and other comparable religions' convictions and influences come from writings published over 2000 years ago, during Jesus' lifetime. The Bible is the most reliable source of proof for Jesus Christ's existence.

Every one of the prepared affirmations varies intermittently because to minor textual flaws, and certainly due to the influence of a few authors, but the world has never seen a book of scriptures that gives a completely different tale, expressly denying that Jesus was executed.

The holy book was written by one of Paul's friends, Saint Barnabas. The book was discovered after artifact hoodlums were captured in 2000 while attempting to take the excellent book and other important antiques out of the country. The book is valued at $28 million and purports to include Bible references to Barnabas' Gospel. The book is penned in Syriac, an Aramic dialect spoken by Jesus.

The book is at least 1500 years old, according to experts who analyzed it, though it could be considerably older. The plot of this book takes a very unexpected turn. Instead of being crucified, Judas was executed, and Jesus ascended to heaven while still alive. Another distinctive element of the text is that it portrays Jesus as a prophet who spoke God's word rather than as God's progeny.

The book also accuses Apostle Paul of being a forger, which is especially intriguing given that the book's purported author, Saint Barnabas, was a close friend of Apostle Paul's. Is this to say that the Apostle Paul convinced Saint Barnabas to write a new Jesus story? It's hard to say, but this is a beautiful section that shows Christianity positively in light of biblical events while ignoring other religions like Islam.

Some people might find the idea of Jesus rising from the dead and ascending to heaven intriguing. Some codexes from around the same time describe Jesus returning to Earth for a thousand years to bring peace to our globe and to eliminate all evil individuals.

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