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Uzalo: Mbatha is back on his old tricks - read what he is up to

Mbatha hs always been that one character who is always upto no good and this time around there is not exception.

Mbatha is back on our screens after some months. Mbatha supposedly went on America and he is back with his old tricks. We wonder what he is upto.

We have known Mbatha for being a man that does all the bad deeds to get what he wants but he always fails in the end. What will be different this time around.

We know that Mbatha has always wanted to be the pastor of KKC. He will do anything to get that chair including going to America and pretending to be changed man.

He has told the people of KKC that he is friends with a very important pastor in America hoping to get their approval. He even went on to disrespect pastor Ngwala by preaching at church.

We all know that he will never change and some people can see through him. Please leave a comment. Tell us what you think Mbatha will do next.


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