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Revelation(The Last Plague), Return Of The Death Eaters

Eve since the beginning of time there has been one burning question on people's mind. The question is that, did God ever create evil or dangerous angels. Well I think that he did, these angels are called Death Eaters and they're soul purpose is to clean up the Earth when it becomes too messy. By this I mean that the role that they have come to play has not yet come to pass. When God created human beings, he realized that because he had banished the devil from heaven and threw him down to Earth. That man's heart was so evil that he would have to create a fail safe in case of emergency or danger. Those angels are called death Eaters and they're soul purpose is to clean the Earth of all the evil souls that are left over in the aftermath of Revelation. The last Plague is the Plague that will be unleashed by the death Eaters. These angels are like the cleaners or ants of the Earth, they eat up every single living soul that is left over on the Earth and gobble up all the bad energy in the air. The Death eaters will then open the gates from all the different poles, and the winds will wash the stench away. The Earth always restarts that way, the death Eaters come and cleanse the Earth.

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Death Eaters Last Plague Revelation( The


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