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"Land Of Muslim" Check Out the Only Country in The World Without a Single Church.

I couldn't believe that there was a country in the globe where there was not even a single church for Christians to worship in, let alone several. There are mosques and churches in various nations across the world that are open to Muslims and Christians at any time of the day or night to pray.

According to reports, Nigeria has over 16,300 churches spread across the country, as well as over 2000 mosques in the city of Lagos alone.

However, considering that there are over 190 countries in the world, is it possible that one of the 190 countries does not have a single church? The answer to the question is yes, there is one, and that country is Saudi Arabia, which is known as the "Holy Land of Muslims."

Saudi Arabia, like Jerusalem, is the spiritual and physical home of all Muslims. Their holy pilgrimage takes them to Mecca, which is located in Saudi Arabia, during the Hajj season. We should also be aware that there are Christians in the country; Saudi Arabia does not discriminate; in fact, according to studies, there are 1 million Roman Catholics in the country; nevertheless, they are only permitted to worship in the privacy of their own homes or offices.

This article is not intended to cause offense to any religious group, but rather to serve as a source of information. Christianity is an excellent religion, and Islam is a wonderful religion as well. The good news is that we are all working for the Supreme Being.

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