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Black water a deep curse which is caused by family members to destroy the family (opinion)

Black water(amanzi amnyama) that means in your family the is deep curse , this is dangerous to the whole family except the person who has done black water

According to a sangoma Mr mavuka sangoma from Soweto, this is pure witchcraft, witchcraft that is done by your family is powerful

Black water a self conflicted curse which is a result of betrayal within the family members but more particularly between the sublings your blood brother or sister

Untill one of family members decided to consult a sangoma, sangomas will say go and take soil from the grave , most of healers use your mothers soil of grave

This is betrayal of one anather family members using idlozi, here the ancestors has been turned to work for this person only and leave the whole family suffering

In this case the one that has turned the ancestors will be successful and other rest of the family will be struggling

every body will ask themselves why it is the only one that is getting success and others are struggling

According to a sangoma Mr mavuka to many bad things that are done to people to destroy one anather

The is anather one called ( mkhokha) is the voilent loop of death that is pure witchcraft

Family will experience to much death, accident, stabbing, stroke , heart , if the family members has passed away by the same thing like accident ,stroke , etc

That Is a Patten of death (umkhokha), patten of death also cause badluck family members will be suffering

When they consult a sangoma, sangomas will say I have to purify the ancestors , because the problems in your ancestors

Most of traditional healers are struggling to see when you have these problems, that is why it important to pay attention to your dreams

Your ancestors can show you this in your dreams

Source Mr mavuka sangoma from Soweto

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