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Be Careful Of The Following Dreams

As an African people we cannot control our dreams. Dreams is the only way the universe is able to communicate with is. Dreams is the only way we can communicate with our ancestors. However the are dreams that people should be careful of. Not every dream is a good dream. Dreams is all about spiritual awakening of human being. Not only Spiritual people can be able to dream , even if you do not have a spiritual gifts you can dream. It is very much important to take note of your dreams. There are those people who do not remember their dreams when they wake and that should make you worry.

Sometimes you find that someone has blocked you to see things spiritually. Hence in most cases people who want to do bad things to you , if they fail physically they come spiritually. When we sleep our minds are in the spirit world. People should start to listen to the universe and take action about what they see. African people are too powerful because in the spirit world you can see lot of things.

Take note of the following dreams.

Dreaming yourself eating is one of the most dangerous dream , you need to take note of the person who is giving you the food. The things that you eat when you dream are not going to be good for you, some they will start grow inside you at a later stage. Once you dream yourself eating you need to consult a traditional healer to help you.

Dreaming Dirty things like poops this is indication of a bad omen upon your life.

Dreaming yourself sleeping with a man or woman. This indicated a spiritual husband.

Dreaming yourself looking in a mirror or someone taking you a picture this is dangerous because they are taking your Soul to use it as a slave.


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