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Pray These 3 Prayer Points Before You Sleep Today, They Are Very Important In Every Christian's Life

Prayer is a way we communicate with God. It is good that we communicate with God every night before sleeping, that is why I would be recommending three prayer points that you should pray about before sleeping today.

In this article, the prayers I will be recommending are simple. Make sure you say the prayers wholeheartedly.

1. Father Lord, make me see tomorrow strong and healthy.

Pray like this, "Father I come before you, as I am going to sleep now, give me the grace to see another day. Any plan of the enemy against my life as I sleep, Lord destroy it."

2. Father, please keep my family and friends safe.

Pray like this, "Dear God, I come before to pray for my friends and family, guide and protect them. Any plan of the enemy in their lives, Father, I destroy it in Jesus' name."

3. Father God, please bless my life.

 Pray like this, "Father in heaven, bless my life, take control of anything I do. Anything I lay my hands on will prosper, bless my business and my father."

These prayer points are simple prayer points that you should pray every day. With God, everything is possible. No matter what you are going through, don't leave the side of God. When you leave, it will be hard for you to enjoy this life.

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