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Astrology Divination


Remaining in faith...Being consistent in faith based matters.

Life is not always roses but those who know what faith can do for you when is all bleak cruise through as they know the end result.

As a human being our natural reaction to life being unfavourable to us is to question God’s whereabouts in that period.Is human nature don’t beat yourself up,but also don’t stand too long in that train of thought.Remember he is meshack,shadrack and Abednego start to claim him there.

Remind your self every chance you get that he is there and with the little faith you are left with at that time,don’t stop and don’t let the enemy stop you.

Check yourself out everytime you feel your faith is not up to par and ensure you pull yourself together at that very moment.

Do not look at what your neighbours or friends are achieving,this is one of the many reasons that will have you questioning your source therfore neglecting your faith because you feel it doen’st provide you much or giving you the breakthrough you are yearning for.

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