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Is It Sin To Drink Strong Wine?

I’ve realized most people do consume alcohol, and some if not all are wondering and or asking if it is sin to drink liquor? I will not claim to have answers to this question, but I can show you what the Bible says about the matter.


When my wife discovered she was pregnant our doctor advised her to stop drinking alcohol, so my question is, was the doctor saying she should stop committing crimes, or was the doctor saying considering her health it would not be in the best interest of the child if she continues to drink alcohol?


When you read the Bible you will notice that the angel in Judges 13: 4 (KJV) advised the wife of Manoah to stop drinking strong drink, so is the instruction from an angel given in regards to her health or sin? Even Zacharias was given the same instruction in Luke 1: 15 (KJV), so how do these instructions from the angels differ from the one given to my wife?


According to the Bible Noah was a drunkard, but does it not surprise you that the entire human race was eliminated and a drunkard was the one who found grace in the eyes of the Lord in Genesis 6: 8 (KJV)? The Bible states; Kings don’t drink alcohol please read it carefully It does not say Kings who drink alcohol are sinners. Why Kings are not drinking alcohol? Because Satan is walking around like a lion seeking whom to devour.


I don’t understand why we enjoy twisting the word of God and for what purpose. When you lust after the woman, but the opportunity does not present itself for you to act you are not a sinner, but if it does and you act upon it, then you are a sinner. That is the true interpretation of Jesus Christ concerning lusting after the woman. Your state of mind does not render you a sinner, but immediately when an opportunity presents itself and you act upon it, you are now committing a sin, and it suffices to call you a sinner, just like king Belshazzar who acted upon his lust and God with his finger wrote MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.


Drinking alcohol is not a sin, but your actions are the things that will determine if you have sinned or not, but it is wise not to drink alcohol because the Bible warns that Satan wants to take advantage of us.

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Lord Jesus Christ is my God, and I did not say yours because to you he might be a prophet or something else.

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