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Wealthy Witch Doctor Exposes Pastors And Politicians That Uses Her Magical Powers

Politicians and other public figures are frequently accused of using magic, witchcraft, or other esoteric practices to further their agendas. Despite the fact that few individuals, if any, openly discuss it, it's considered normal. In addition, despite the fact that they are paid in ransom by wealthy clientele, witch doctors are known to lead a meager existence. Anna Mutheu, a well-known witch doctor from Tala in the Ukambani region, isn't like that.

To expose the people who pay her hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars for her magical powers, Anna Mutheu has openly come out as a super-rich witch doctor. There are many famous politicians and pastors on Mutheu's list of people we have the privilege of serving. According to the Kenyan news website, Mutheu has an estimated net worth of Ksh 40 million. Her wealth has steadily increased as a result of her extensive clientele database.

According to the wealthy witch doctor, she sees sixty clients each week and charges each one Ksh 1000 for a consultation. That's about Ksh 1.8 million a month on its own. Mutheu claims the witchcraft button was passed down to her by her maternal grandmother, who demonstrated every minute element of the procedure to her.

The witch says that pastors from Nairobi and other major cities make up a significant portion of his clientele. However, she refused to give the identities of the politicians who have come to her seeking black magic powers that will ensure their election success on August 9. Anna Mutheu, to her surprise, is a devout Christian who attends church every Sunday. So now you have it!

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