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What The Bible Says Are The Causes Of Your Lack Of Success And How Your Lack Of Can Be Resolved

You may choose to hear from others who are well skilled in the field to try to figure out why you are not succeeding, but I need to show you the other side which might be the cause to your lack thereof. To me the Bible is everything it’s something which I can’t live without because it got everything I need to know about life, so I am giving you what was freely given to me.

Taking someone’s life is not a joke, and it’s something that God takes very serious, because according to Genesis 4: 10-11 (KJV) the blood shed on earth will not rest without crying to God. Requesting God to avenge on whoever may have shed the blood, so God will not ignore the cry but will curse the person, and everything he try to achieve will not see the day of light.

And according to Genesis 3: 17 (KJV) if you choose to listen to other people rather than God, this also is an act, that brings curse into your life because God wants you to listen to him at all material time even when situations seems worse, he wants you to trust him with all your heart, mind and soul; that he shall fulfil what he promised.

God is not a fool, he will not give you parents to give birth to you, and the next thing you turn and treat them like they are nothing, so according to Leviticus 20: 9 (KJV) God will curse you for cursing and neglecting your parents, because you were given to your parents as a gift, to bring them joy but if you chose to be a thorn in their eyes, and God also will be a thorn into everything you set your hand upon.

May be you have chosen to buy something which was stolen, and you placed it into your own house, and this you should know according to Deuteronomy 7: 26 (KJV) if you have chosen to take a cursed thing and put it into your house God also will curse you and everything you lay your hands upon, and you will never succeed because of the cursed thing you placed in your house.

The other reason that will make God to curse you it’s when you are ignorant to his commandments and according to John 7: 49 (KJV) God also will curse you if you do not take time to know his law, he hates persons who does not take time to learn his laws, because by knowing his commandments you will be able to avoid all those things he despises, but if you don’t learn you will regularly disobey him, and that will attract a curse from God.

If you are this person who enjoys breaking the laws and being disobedient, God will curse you because according to 2 Peter 2: 14 (KJV) God does not like any person who enjoys sinning and who can’t stop from being disobedient from his laws, and he will surely curse you.

You are cursed if you do not listen to the commandments of God, and all these curses shall follow you; you shall not succeed in everything, that you set your hand upon regardless you are in the city or towns. You shall be barren and no cry of the baby will be heard in your house. He will make you suffer with a consumption, and with a fever, and with inflammation, and with so much pains, because you chose to be disobedient to his commandments these are some of the curses according to Deuteronomy 28 (KJV). If you are still persistent with your disobedience all these curses shall follow you and it’s guaranteed by Deuteronomy 28: 45 (KJV), so it’s up to you whether you listen or you don’t.

If God can send an evil spirit to Saul on 1 Samuel 18: 10 (KJV) then he is also able to bring all the curses into your life until you repent or he destroys you completely, so if you feel that it is enough with what you have been through. It is easy to come out of all these curses, accept Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour, because he says, come unto me, all you are heavy laden, and I will give you rest on Matthew 11: 28-29 (KJV).

And on Deuteronomy 13: 17 (KJV) God gives you a promise, that if you do listen to him, no curses will follow you, he will turn from the fierceness of his anger against you, and he will show you mercy, and he will have compassion upon you and he also promises to multiply you if you do listen.

Are you willing to listen to Lord Almighty God?

Are you willing to accept Lord Jesus Christ as your saviour?

Are you willing to give your life to Lord Jesus Christ?

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain if you give your life to Lord Jesus Christ.

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Lord Jesus Christ is God


Content created and supplied by: Tumelo Baokudi (via Opera News )

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