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Why do you have to pray with candles

What have you been praying for from God or your ancestors? I have all the answers this Sunday, all you have to do is believe and pray about it that you have received it.

It's not easy sometimes to believe but with your faith and prayer you enable or unlock all locked doors. Candle praying helps also and you need to understand your candles and their meaning so it's easy for you to pray . All candles have meanings and their meanings are all different.

This Sunday the ancestors have told me that they have...

Released your long waited job now.

Released your business now.

Released your money/wealth now.

Released your car now.

Released your wedding now.

Released your house now.

Released your fruit of womb now to have birth.

Released your destiny now.

Released your happiness and joy now.

Released your healing from that disease now.

With the power of our ancestors we say l receive.. 🕯️🕯️🙏🙏🙏🕯️

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