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Mzansi panicked after Great Prophet Rhadebelihle Gives Prophecy On what will happen On December 1st.

Rhadebelihle is a well-known Twitter Prophet who has correctly foretold countless mishaps. He became a popular subject after performing a prophecy concerning Shona Ferguson, who is no longer with us. This man declared to the world that he had predicted such a calamity. He said that he tried to warn him but was ignored because he is not well-known. Following that, this mas started giving warnings to celebrities.

He's been advising Somizi, the megastar, to be cautious for the past three days because his life is in peril. The story shocked people, and it quickly went viral on social media. Even celebrities know that his predictions are almost always correct, and that people remember him long after it is too late. This young man warns the rest of the world whenever he sees something terrible about to happen and explains how to avert it. Even if some continue to dismiss him, people now appreciate him since he is never incorrect.

He is unconcerned about whether others are alive or not. After all of the social media sites were shut down, this young man went on social media to prove it to the public. He said in July that the social media platform would be shut down for four hours this year. Many people have experienced that experience when it comes to reality. For those who are unfamiliar with this young man, his picture is below. This is a man who can see into the future of our country.

When people were still recuperating from the previous prophet, he dropped another. He announced the events that will take place in December to the general public. People would cry all over the place, he said. A big number of people will perish. Others' souls would be divided, rendering them inhuman, he said. He predicted that this would continue until 2030, when the world would be at peace. He discussed what people can do to keep the situation from spiraling out of control.

A number of people responded to his tweet by asking how he planned to get out of this mess. Many people trust him, yet they don't believe everything he says. Others stated he needs to stop using marijuana and that if he did so in the comments, none of those things would happen. According to this man, all they had to do was pray fervently for our country. They should include it in their prayers every night.

The fact that he only ever foretold death infuriated some people. People were perplexed as to why Jesus didn't tell them when we'd be happy. This young man's response to the circumstance was non-existent.

The Public took to social media to discuss and respond to his tweet, and some of them follows below;

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