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Fiction, The Descendants Of Eve, Eves Great Betrayal

Eve was the first woman that the Lord ever created, he created her out of dust and Adam's left hip bone. This is why men are so drawn to a woman, this is because she was made out of a part of us. The Lord took a rib bone from the side of the body where the heart is situated, this is why men are so loving towards women. When Eve ate from the tree in the garden of Eden, she was placed with an infinite curse which would affect her and her offspring. Because the devil was in the form of a snake when he deceived Eve, the Lord cursed Satan into slithering on the ground with his belly and eating dust for all of eternity. Satan is still alive, by cursing him the Lord prevented the devil from returning to his former self. He was a man from the stomach upward, and his lower body stayed as the tail of that giant serpent that he convinced to borrow the body of.Inbetween the time that the Lord cursed the devil and the original sin was committed, Satan's Ora somehow got transferred onto Eve because she was still an empty shell. The devils energy was absorbed into her body, when the Lord cursed the devil, Eves feet also disappeared and a large snake tail came out. The advantage for Eve was that the tail only came out during the night, during the daytime Eves was like all other women. Adam found out one day and decided to keep the secret because the Lord had turned his back on them. Eves great betrayal led to her descendants also having snake tails that come out at night. Some even think that they still exist even up to today.

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Eden Eve Eves Satan


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