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Reasons Why The Catholics Don't Eat Meat And Fish On Ash Wednesday And Good Friday

Lent is an important time for Catholics, who have a period of fasting, non -denial and giving to charity for 40 days. During Lent they are expected to give their fast from the poor, who have little or no money or very much.

  Besides Catholics, other non -Catholic demons also have what is called Lent. Lending their own time is a time to fast, change, and return to the ways of the Lord. Even the keeping of animals and fish is not allowed in some religions.

  But in my article I will discuss why Catholics do not eat meat and fish on Good Friday and Wednesday.

  Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent, when the ashes are placed on the foreheads of Catholic believers and it reminds them that "the dust comes and returns to the dust." Wednesday Wednesday Ash Catholics say they should avoid anything containing blood, such as fish, chicken, goat, or cow.

  This was done by the Catholic Church to make known about Jesus and his sacrifices, sufferings, life and death in the short time of the world. Consistent with Catholic teaching, those who lack self-control are counseled to repent.

  On Friday, Catholics shun anything with blood on it because Jesus shed His blood on the cross for all people, avoiding anything with the same blood as blaming Him.

  With the exception of Good Friday and Good Wednesday, Catholics are advised to keep animals and fish away every Friday for the full rent. The Catholic Church also says in its doctrine that anyone who does not abstain from self must go to confession before receiving the body and blood of Christ (Holy Communion).

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