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Important Reasons Why Some True Believers Are Suffering From Poverty And Low Faith

It's very funny that most Christians are still harassed by demonic attacks in their lives. When you have God you have everything you need in this world and all you need to access it spiritually. Know that God will not fight your battles. for you unless you start the fight. If you don't cut off demonic access to your life, it won't end just for you. It's not about going to church and calling yourself a Christian.

It is good to identify with God, but it is better to know who you are and what you have in Christ Jesus. Remember, the day you were born again, you were spiritually born in Christ Jesus and that makes you stronger than any powers the world has to offer. However, since you were born in Christ Jesus, you have dominion and power over demonic powers. This means that demonic forces cannot withstand your presence, but you need to know how it works. Also, here are 2 ways you can block demonic access below. to get into your life; 

Pray incessantly. 

You don't have to ignore this instruction, God knows that the demonic forces will not leave you alone; therefore, in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, he instructed him to pray ceaselessly. If you pray constantly, you will become spiritually ready against the forces of evil. Your prayers are like warriors, they are activated every time the devil tries to harm you with demonic agents.

To pray incessantly means to live with prayer as your daily life, and with that, you have prevented all demonic intrusions from entering your life. Avoiding Immorality Yes, most people, through immorality, invite demonic agents into their lives. With several members, it expires the demonic attacks.

God is the only solution. Trust and believe in your God, he is almighty.

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