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God is full of wonders | The bird that no one has ever seen before

Indeed the almighty God is full of marvels. There is a lot that he created which will actually leave you amazed. I'm also reporting to you in astonishment after seeing the cutest yet strange bird that I have never seen before. The bird I'm referring to is a breed of white bats. Normally the bats are black in colour and they are mostly seen in the night, but this one is a whole lot different from the rest.

According to African culture, bats are associated with the art of sorcery. It could be true and it could also not be true. I mean as people we have distinct and complex beliefs. Some believe that witchcraft does exist but others don't. Just like when it comes to religion. There are christians who do not use any form of traditional medicines, who only resort to the word they find in the holy book - the bible and there are those who rely on herbs...

You know, God is omniscient. There is nothing that is above his power, that is if you do believe. All the kings bow down to him. As he is the creator of living things, I believe he also created the rare bird (pictured below)

The guy named Mc_Phils shared this pic on social media, but people were more concerned about the pandemic - corona virus. The reason they are so concerned could be the fact that they don't know what first evoked Corona virus. When it is like that you can never trust anything, that's why the best thing one can do is to stay safe at all times.

What I do know is that in South Africa, there is no birds such as the one Mc_Phils has posted. Nonetheless, this is how people joked around with the above tweet :

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