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"The God of my father Prophet E Makandiwa is the God of tangible miracle, man testifies: Opinion

The world will always have reason or some facts on how to deny a miracle. I believe that, everytume they will have a scientific explanation to everything.

Just like they will do when the saints is going to be taken in Rapture to meet the Lord Jesus in the sky. They are going to have a political or scientific explanation to what happened to the people, when they see people just disappearing, but we who are the children of God have spoken about this. We will be knowing what is happening.

The bible has already illuminated us on what is going to be taking place. It is like right now what is happening throughout the world. The political leaders are having a political explanation to whatsoever that we are facing. The coronavirus that has hit the world to the ground, but we know, it is the fulfillment of the times God spoke about.

The xenophobic attacks that are happening with nations, the wars that are happening against nation-to-nation, the moral changes, where we can see transgenders proudly elected into positions of honour. It is only a matter of time before we can see some of them being accepted to lead Nations.

What do you think is happening? They will always have a political explanation to why these things are happening, but we know because God has already told us, it's not scientific nor political, it is spiritual and the spirit of Anti-Christ in control.

Like right now as we can see this man that is laying on the sick bed, helpless. Life is about to be taken out of him. Life is hanging on a very thin balancing sheet, and anything can happen to this man. The testimony says, "this Bishop who is the spiritual son of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, Bishop Ecclesiastes was called to pray for this person. He prayed for him and leave God to do the rest, before he knew it, someone contacted him through Whatsapp.

I think this is the sister or the younger brother to the patient, saying "if you remember that you prayed for my brother when he was dying, he is now healed, and they send the photos that shows the situation before, and the situation after to this Bishop.

Praise God, miracles still exist if we can only believe. If we can only believe God, He can do so much for us. He wants to do so much for us, but our unbelief and the twisting of the facts of his existence, they are restraining Him from helping our lives.



The God of my Father Emmanuel Makandiwa is the God of tangible miracles. To him be all the Glory. Below is a testimony of a brother who became mulfunctional and was left for dead but this awesome God raised him back to life as I ministered to him under this unique anointing. 

I see healing hitting your generation like a Flood. NO MORE SICKNESSES. 

As you read this testimony I see healing even overflowing to your finances.

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E Makandiwa


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