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BIBLE made simple

06 October 2021



Through many teachers of the Bible I came to a conclusion on how to approach the Bible for further understanding before exploring the contents inside especially a beginner.

· The first two words written in the front page of the Bible actually have hidden meanings which are not known to many readers. The first word is Holy meaning pure (does not change) to simplify it further it is to be compared with pure mathematics why? math is called pure because it follows law regardless of your language or location 1+1 will always remain two hence the book of law.

·The second word is actually an abbreviation stating Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth theory supporting this is found within the Bible itself (proverbs 8:10 choose my intentions instead of silver rather than choice gold)

Further clarity on what you are dealing with

We all know that everything made by the market to compete or to be sold for another user to possess always comes with a written instruction in order for the user to operate wisely and accordingly for maximum satisfaction on the outcome. Same thing applies to what the heavens created on Earth which is humans they’re also given instructions to enjoy what has been given to them.

It is evident according to the scripture that everything that is crafted by a man is actually a directed pattern hence all that is great comes with instructions of operation including your clothes do not iron or bleach it is a command.

It is also evident in our lives that if you give someone a new product without instructions it is likely that it will be misused or destroyed.

The inside books

Two major chapters are to be found within the book new testament and the old testament

Based on the first knowledge we can come to a conclusion that we are also crafted products. And we know that all products are upgraded or improved as time goes on so are we. The old testament is more based on our creation like the old mobile phones old people lived long but where not well developed or advanced. Same our new mobile phones are more advanced but not of the same quality as the first.

The new testament is actually based on more developed creation than the old ones hence we are more capable than those who lived before us

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