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Importance of using water when spiritual gifted person

Ancestors child learn the power of rain, collect rain in a bucked even if it's 5Ltr drink it in any sickness you feel, bath with it, it helps with dreams alot so you will drink it before bed splash your eyes, and perform a ritual were you sleep and in the house.

You can mix your bath tub water with just a small cub of water rain and bath with it, that's how powerful it is, I'll make time and write about how powerful rain is, you can even cleanse with rain nje there's a lot...for now collect rain water send me prove of your rain water then I'll take you through on how to use it.

Today I'm fasting for both my family's whom are on the rituals of rains , least you can do is pray for your loved one's on the road, the devil has activated on all roads today names were called midnight.

Traditional herbs been put into people's cars, these witchcraft is on some other level, today is the day excitement will be taking lives. Normalizes praying and protect your loved ones🙏🏻🕯️👏🏼.

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