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Prayer Was Initiated by GOD, Prayer Was Initiated by GOD, Not By Man

For many of us we learn much about praying through pain, great suffering and hurt. In so doing we discover the abundant grace of God. Our needs are supplied not by merit as much as by His grace and mercy. It is this grace that enables us to ask and it is by this grace that we receive. Prayer starts with God and ends with Him.

God gives to us by our asking. Yet this is not the highest level of praying. If ‘asking and giving’ is all we have thus learnt on prayer then it is very shallow. Our asking and God supplying is far from what God intended true praying to be. It is prayer nevertheless and does have its place in the kingdom, yet it is still a far cry from what true praying really is. Prayer must at all times be seen as God sees it. Our Prayers must at all times put God first. Prayer must at all times have its true biblical perspective. It cannot and will not allow for our own in thought and deed. In other words whatever we bring before the Lord must have a place in the kingdom of God. 

Let's Pray!

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