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Durban Gen - More of Faith's secrets are about to be revealed

More of Faith’s secrets are about to be revealed as she shares shocking things herself, pushing Zanele further into a corner. 

Zanele needs to make a tough choice: Believe her mother and continue protecting and advocating for her, or look at the reality and see Faith for what she is. 

She has to get over the disbelief, stop being naïve and actually face the truth that her mother is a murderer and a liar.

With the information Zanele now has in her hands, she’s in a tighter spot with her mom and stepdad, and she’s going to have to take sides soon.


It might be easy to think Zanele is naïve for even believing that her mother could be innocent.

But for her, it’s deeper than that. She wants to keep her family intact, she wants to restore the unity and harmony that was once there.

But you can’t really restore something that was never there, now can you? 

Season 2 is on another level; it’s very emotional and triggering because issues like secrets in families are explored in detail.


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