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Bible Prophecy Reaching Its Climax| Pastor Mukhuba Gets Handcuffed By Police

My people read the Bible with care and you will see that some of the things we are starting to see are unfolding to a big event prophecied by the Bible. The beast will start to hate the woman and as anger built up it will eat the woman and eat her flesh. Some scholars when describe this beast they say it represents political powers which as time to the end approaches they will hate pastors and start to arrest them.

I may not understand this fully but the way I see things happening its like the government is getting fed up with church leaders. Why things might be like that is because of being famous for the wrong things. For example the Bushiris, the Mboros and the Lukakus are always on the wrong side of the law.

I think this is causing a hatred from the government which might affect the "innocent ones". Indeed it's not a usual thing to see a pastor being handcuffed day time like this. We can't act like this things are not happening. Let's all remember what happened to Jerusalem when it got destroyed by soldiers of Rome.

The temple of Rome was still like a church we attend every Sunday. One day Jesus sitting with his Apostles he prophecied that some thing horrible will surround Jerusalem a holy place. He was predictiing when the soldiers of Rome attack Jerusalem and its temple for good in 70CE.

According to the Bible it looks as if that might happen again. Look at the way those police officers are showing anger to the church leader.


She is guitly of refusing to sit back and watch while the people of God are suffering, hundreds of thousands of people, millions even have been healed and delivered through her prayers, she makes sure that those in need are taken care of, children get education through her.

What do you think about this incident?




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