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PRAYER: Lord, Help Me To Always Depend On You For My Blessings

Blessings originate from God, but many people today rush to "Prayer Ministries" in an effort to obtain some of them. They do this because they have forgotten that receiving blessings from God is contingent on one's obedience to His Word.

A blessing can be defined as something that demonstrates the love or goodness of God toward one of His children. The blessings of God can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, including answers to prayers, provision, favor, joy, peace, and so on. God's blessings come to us in a variety of forms, according to his will. His favor extends beyond that of a just material nature. He sustains us with strength, joy, and peace of mind in the midst of circumstances that appear to be hopeless, and he occasionally utilizes our suffering to mature us on a spiritual level.

These rewards are guaranteed in exchange for obedient submission to the Word of God. James, the brother of the Lord, instructs us to quickly listen, to live righteously, to humble ourselves, to hear His Word, and to put it into practice as a prerequisite condition for receiving His blessing. Our obedience to these instructions will cause us to attract His blessings.

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