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Meet The Two Brave Men Ever Who Killed A Lion With Their Bare Hands

There are a plethora of well-known men who have made significant contributions to society, and their stories will not be soon forgotten. We will be talking about the two courageous guys who had slain a lion with their brave hand in this lesson.

1. Samson

Samson is a highly well-known character in the Bible, and he is often referred to as "the Strong Man" because he had the physical power to do difficult tasks. During his journey with his parents to the city of Timnah, this great man was unexpectedly attacked by a lion, which roared in his direction. Samson was overcome with strength and bravery at that moment, and he seized the lion and tore it apart with his bare hand. It is written about in the Bible in Judges 14:5–6, when a tremendous miracle takes place.

2. Travis Kauffman

Travis Kauffman is a highly renowned young guy who has earned international notoriety for killing a lion with his bare hands. He is most known for this feat. The United States of America is the home of this wonderful guy.

According to a report on, Travis Kauffman was running on a trail in Horsetooth Mountain Park in Colorado when he was shot and killed. This famous man was attacked by a lion, and he attempted to call for help, but no one came to his aid. He died as a result of the attack. With great courage and power, Travis Kauffman was able to climb on top of the lion and hold it down. He then managed to obtain a stick with which to stabbing the animal, but his staff kept cracking and breaking. The lion stopped moving and its jaws opened as soon as he struck it with two rather heavy blows and planted his right foot on the creature's neck.

Travis Kauffman kills a lion without using a weapon before traveling to the hospital and receiving 28 stitches in the process. This occurrence occurred on the 15th of February, 2019.

Beautiful photographs of Travis Kauffman receiving treatment in the hospital are available to view.

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