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Accepting your calling is not easy journey

Spirituality and living in alignment with other planes( dimensions )of existence .necessarily means that the old you or aspects of the old you will no longer find expression.

In simple terms- there is no way you can expect to walk a spiritual path and live the way you lived before embarking on the path.

Spirituality is about alignment, merging and integrating all aspects , physical, mental/ emotional and spiritual, to become a new creature.

This process happens over time and progress and transformation are visible. Habits change, your taste in food, people and pastimes change etc.

Toxic behaviors, attitudes and low vibration emotions become less and less. How you treat people, nature and yourself changes.

If you are spiritual and walking in Light there is no way these traits will stay.Beware of those who tell you you can go back to your old life because this simply means you have not grown.

You might be a magician playing with the elements, but you are not a spiritual healer. How y’all doing this .

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