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Importance on how start your spiritual journey

Please take this advice and this is only applicable to those who want to sharpen and prepare their journey. Especially those who don't have money to pay for the healer who initiates you .

Do this while waiting for money to initiation.

(Its not a force to do this process, as we are different and we are led by different ancestors with different requirements and or rituals).

As you are new in your spiritual Journey and want to start preparations for your journey.

Do this for consective 3 months. 

Eat the following

1. Eat mabele

2. Brown bread, brown rice

3. Vegetables and fruits

4. Dont eat any chicken red meat and fish

5. Don't eat spices 

6. Oily food

7. Salt

8. Donr drink Acidic beverages

9. Dont drink Alcohol

10. Stop eating Eggs

11. Stop eating intestines, mala, megodu, 

12. Don't drink nor use Milk, etc

13. And Eat home cookled meals, Veges with mabele only (No takeaways at all).

But I want to warn you: you will loose weight too but you gain spiritual Gift of insight.


After 3 months introduce the food you stopped eating gradually like your meat, fish, etc just in small portions maybe once or twice or thrice a week. ( such that you do due diligence report/research on your ancestors and God preferred food).

Then as you start eating the food you stopped eating, you will know which food you must stop eating or not or to continue eating. 

You do a thorough diet research on yourself ( check how you are spiritually) .

# Purge every 2nd day with only 5 litre water 

# Steam 3 consecutive weekly

# Cleans /bath Daily ( Cold water only)

# Pray and communicate with your ancestors daily hourly and or 3 times or more daily.

# Drink loads of water

# No sex

# No hot food (warm food and teas not Hot)

# Always be in happy mood, avoid quarells

# Social media limit 

# No sleeping late

# Sleep on the floor

Thats how you will get the answer to what food causes your spirit to be on the correct level in terms of dreams visions etc.

And buy a Black 4 Quire book or download a free Offline Dairy app that you can write your dreams and vision daily, please write them in dates and Time 

NB: Immediately when you wake up write the time and date too). 

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